G20 green finance study: Top barriers faced by institutional investors across G20

The G20 meets in China in September, with green finance high on the agenda. PRI is contributing to the new G20 Green Finance Study Group (GFSG) as a knowledge partner on institutional investors, alongside UNEP FI.

In March we spent two constructive days with G20 finance minister representatives, the OECD and IMF, outlining actions PRI signatories are already taking in green finance, as well as barriers and policy options.

Now we are asking institutional investors across G20 to feed in to the PRI study by telling us the top 3-5 barriers institutional investors across the G20 face when it comes to scaling up green investments. You can do so by emailing sagarika.chatterjee@unpri.org or nathan.fabian@unpri.org by Monday 18 April.

The G20 study’s formal paper will launch in May – your input would be most welcome indeed.

Co-chaired by the Peoples Bank of China and the Bank of England, with support from UNEP as the secretariat, the GFSG will examine how green finance can be scaled up throughout the G20, focusing on banking, green bonds, institutional investors, risk analysis and measuring progress.

The GFSG will deliver its synthesis report to the G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors in advance of their July meeting. With investor support for the PRI having grown from 50 signatories with US$4 trillion to 1500 signatories with US$59 trillion in ten years, PRI is providing insights to the G20 on the following issues:

  • the growth of responsible investment;
  • actions investors are taking to incorporate environmental factors in investment decisions;
  • active ownership on environmental issues;
  • green investment flows and barriers investors see to scaling up green finance.