New Investment Strategies Working Group calling for members

PRI IS calling for members

The PRI is calling for signatories to become involved in its new Investment Strategies Working Group. The group’s work will contribute to the PRI’s asset owner strategy, which has been set up as part of the PRI’s 2015-18 strategic plan.

The work stream will provide:

  • asset owners with process guidance on how to develop and formulate investment strategies;
  • insight into the opportunities to incorporate conviction- and fact-based ESG considerations into investment decision-making processes throughout the investment chain;
  • insight into best practice on developing investment strategies.

Criteria for application are:

  • PRI signatory;
  • demonstrated interest in the role that asset owners play to accelerate responsible investment throughout global investment chains;
  • relative seniority within signatories’ organisations.

The Investment Strategies Working Group will have the following features:

  • balanced geographical spread;
  • broad and diverse range of skills, backgrounds and expertise relevant for the investment strategies work.

To apply for the Investment Strategies Working Group, PRI signatories can express their interest by 7 March 2016 by email to Don Gerritsen.

The Terms of Reference for the Investment Strategies Working Group can be found here. For questions about the PRI’s asset owner strategy, please contact Don Gerritsen.