PRI, ASrIA join forces to grow responsible investment in Asia

LONDON, 7 October 2015

The Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) today announced that it will join forces with ASrIA, The Association for Sustainable & Responsible Investment in Asia, the leading association in the region dedicated to promoting sustainable finance and investment.

Under the agreement, ASrIA will combine forces with the PRI by integrating its organisation and team into the PRI and operating as the PRI’s presence in Asia. This important opportunity will build on ASrIA’s achievements to date and ensure that its legacy, networks and relationships are continued. As part of a larger organisation, this significant development will allow for much greater impact and progress on responsible investment in the region. The agreement has been approved by ASrIA’s board, with member approvals currently being sought and to be secured by end of October.

“ASrIA has been a champion and advocate for responsible investment across Asia for more than a decade,” said Fiona Reynolds, managing director, PRI. “We have seen a growing appetite across the region from global investors who want to better understand how ESG issues can impact investment in fast-growing Asian economies. The strong contacts that ASrlA has developed and their understanding of the nuances of local markets will help us to further develop and address investor demands as the PRI looks to expand its footprint across the region.”

A large number of ASrIA’s members were already PRI signatories and both organisations have a strong track record of working together, co-hosting events, developing joint publications and policy responses, and providing education and training through the PRI Academy, of which ASrIA is the exclusive Asian partner.

“Being part of an international and well-established platform will allow for much more to be achieved and in a shorter space of time, as we respond to the dynamics and challenges of the region, ” explained ASrIA CEO Jessica Robinson. “Partnering with the PRI, an organisation that shares our vision of a more sustainable financial services sector, will allow us to achieve that goal. ASrIA and the PRI encourage ASrIA members who are not already PRI signatories to consider joining in order to access the benefits that being a member of a global responsible investment network brings.”

For more information, contact:

Joy Frascinella
Head of PR
Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI)
+44 (0) 20 3714 3143