As a signatory-based organisation, the PRI encourages all signatories to participate actively in its governance and strategic direction, and provide feedback on strategically important matters via formal consultations.

The PRI’s Articles of Association require the PRI to formally consult with signatories before the adoption of: its three-year strategic plan, making material changes to its governance structure, the Objects and/or Mission, the Principles or the signatory fee structure.

For each consultation, the PRI will publish a consultation document, allow a consultation period of at least a four weeks, and provide multiple channels for signatories to provide feedback, including at regional events and webinars. As part of its commitment to transparency, the PRI will publish a summary of the feedback received from signatories, their full consultation responses, and a formal response to this feedback from the PRI Board after each consultation period closes.

OPEN Consultation


Consultation period:
June 6- August 5, 2016

The PRI’s Mission calls for it to promote a sustainable global financial system that supports long-term value creation and benefits the environment and society as a whole. 


This consultation has 4 objectives:

  1. Determine which of the obstacles to a sustainable financial system lying within market practices, structures and regulation the PRI and its signatories should work together to address. 
  2. Determine the extent to which the PRI should use the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a framework to encourage and measure the 'real world' impact of responsible investment activity by signatories on the environment and society.
  3. Determine whether the Principles should be updated to reflect the issues raised in this paper.
  4. Determine how the PRI should define and measure its own success over the next decade.

Read the consultation paper
in English here. FrenchGerman and Portuguese translations are now available. A supplementary document and literature review are also available.


The PRI hosted two webinars on 6 July to update signatories on the objectives of the second consultation. A webinar recording is available here and the slides can be downloaded here . If you have any questions, please email .

This consultation will close on August 5, 2016. Findings from the consultation will form part of the PRI’s Blueprint for Responsible Investment, which will be published in early 2017 and outline an ambitious agenda for action by the PRI and the wider responsible investment community for the coming decade. 

CLOSED Consultation


Consultation period:
December 2015 – March 2016.

Read the
consultation paper , which is also available in  French , German , Spanish and Portuguese .


The PRI received more than 500 submissions to the consultation and would like to thank signatories and stakeholders for their participation. An Executive Summary of the feedback is available here.

You can review the full response submitted by each organisation here.

This consultation had two overarching objectives:

  • to determine how the PRI can better recognise diversity across its signatory base, allowing market forces to promote wider adoption of responsible investing practices while ensuring that the PRI remains inclusive and continues to welcome new signatories;
  • to identify additional accountability mechanism/s that could be introduced to ensure signatories currently making little or no progress are incentivised to do more, and determine whether those who show no progress over time should be delisted.


The PRI hosted several webinars in February to update signatories on the objectives of the consultation. A webinar recording is available here and the slides can be downloaded here. Q&A sessions are available for the webinars held on the afternoons of 11 Feb and 17 Feb.

rd reply

The PRI will publish a formal response and recommendations following its next Signatory General Meeting (SGM) in September 2016..